Diddy-Nolette Brian

December 6, 2014 ·

“Before a beautiful flower grows it looks like a bad seed or a ugly nut… it blooms in the right temperature and the right light…
It lives it’s whole life in the right setting and it survives with proper nourishment… but even a beautiful flower can’t survive a weed…or bugs….or pesticides. … it gets cold outside….. this beautiful flower dies,
And it slowly turns into that ugly nut again… but now u kno it’s not a bad seed, U kno if it’s treated right it can grow back into something beautiful. ….
Cherish that seed, protect it, love it…. cause u kno how happy it made u when everything was great and how looking at that beautiful flower made u smile 🙂

Moral of this story…
Things change… life happens…
Always keep wat u love close to your heart. When u love something or someone it never dies, it just changes.
It can ALWAYS change back.

Don’t give up.”

Diddy-Nolette Brian

November 27, 2013 ·

“It’s Thanksgiving time again, and I kno I say this every year, if u don’t have any family, or a place to go, please hit me up…I’ll set a place for u at my table… if ur battling a disease and it seems like the world forgot or forsaken u… I didn’t,
If ur physically incapable of moving….I’ll deliver you a plate of food..
Please don’t choose to sit alone for the holidays, they are what gets you thru the next 363 days of bullshit…

God blessed everyone…
Everyone should be thankful.”