Joe and Joni


Just as no one should have to sit by helplessly and watch their loved one slowly die, no one suffering from addiction should feel helpless in their fight to live. Joe and Joni lost their son, Brian AKA “Diddy”, in 2015 to a drug overdose (Fentanyl) in October of 2015. Feeling the need to get involved with the opioid crisis that has strangled communities with such a severe and devastating rate, and after investigating the community’s needs, they found that although there were many facilities to help with recovery, there was no way to get them there. Joe, with a vision disability, unable to drive all his life, identified with the struggle to get transportation.

Joe and Joni then founded the non-profit 501C3 organization, MightyDrum, Inc. Joe’s past as a professional drummer, along with his many contacts in the music world today, provides the “stage” for holding various concert events with headlining talent in order to raise funding for their Rides to Recovery program. Their RIDES TO RECOVERY program provides transportation for medical treatment, rehabilitation, sober homes, shelters, job interviews and legal hearings so that those struggling in recovery may begin to reclaim their lives.

“The more we do and the more excitement we get for people to help—that’s what helps us heal. It’s what gets us past the sadness because we see the joy in their eyes. That re-energizes us and that’s why Brian’s death won’t be in vain. We’re doing something positive with it. Instead of focusing on all the people we’ve lost, we focus on those in recovery and we help create success stories.”

“MightyDrum is about highlighting the positive through inspiration by utilizing the pain that brought us here.”



To inspire, unite and grow THE TRIBE through music and art along with the spirit and heart of the many who stand passionately to become ONE MIGHTY DRUM beating to end the stigma of addiction.

The strength and courage of many to lift those in need so they never feel alone in their fight for life.